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Welcome to The Sunshine Express :). We're a pro bono design agency for small non-profits and like to spread awesome & happy memories to strangers everywhere. But, like all start-ups, we like to be a lot of things. What next? 
Burrito sommeliers? Greatest underground karaoke discoverers?
We have no clue what it will be, but whatever it is, we do it with lurve.

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Laughter, smiles, and memes make the world go 'round. We like to go orchestrate ridiculously tiny somewhat impromptu events, so catch us around the Bay Area doing some silly things.    



We love to be your daily pick-me-up of happiness, from doing volunteer design work to committing small acts of awesome. We invite you to keep it going by tagging us in your inspiring projects. (@hi_thesunshine)



If you love what we're doing, all we ask is that you pay it forward. Please do a small favor for someone every day out of the kindness of your heart! 
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This is just in case you're feeling extra generous ;)

all aboard!

friends :)


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[Sep 01, 2017]
We are currently busting our butts with a ton of projects!
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